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Dental bridges in Morrisville replace several missing teeth or a single missing tooth. At Carolina Dental Arts, we create dental bridges that can safely restore your smile! Our dental bridges in Morrisville prevent your teeth from shifting from their proper position and help to distribute the force of your bite. We are proud to offer a variety of dental bridge types that provide you with several different options to meet your dental needs. Dental bridges in Morrisville offer the following benefits that help promote a healthy mouth:
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 Improve the appearance of your smile
 Maintain the natural shape of your face
 Properly distribute the force of your bite
 Improve chewing and speaking function
 Keep remaining teeth from shifting out of place

There are 2 main types of dental bridges. Fixed dental bridges in Morrisville are secured into place and can only be removed by an experienced dental professional. Fixed dental bridges in Morrisville are occasionally called fixed partial dentures, since they are fixed to existing teeth or attached to dental implants.

Removable dental bridges in Morrisville provide more flexibility since they are able to be taken out and can be cleaned. Fixed bridges offer more stability but offer less flexibility than removable dental bridges in Morrisville.

Creating Dental Bridges in Morrisville

During your first visit to our dental office, we prepare your abutment teeth to accept a dental bridge. During this preparation, we contour your teeth by removing a small portion of enamel, which will allow for the extra room needed to accommodate a crown. Next, impressions of your teeth are created, which will serve as a model from which the bridge will be made by our lab. We will make you a temporary bridge that's easy to wear, protecting your exposed teeth and gums while your customized bridge is created.

During your next visit, your temporary bridge is taken off and your new dental bridge is placed. We will check and adjust your bridge, if needed, to ensure a perfect fit. If we are creating a fixed dental bridge in Morrisville for you, we may need to adjust it over a period of a few weeks to make sure that your new bridge is fitting properly. After only a couple of weeks, your dental bridge will be permanently cemented into place. If you are interested in learning more about fixed or removable dental bridges in Morrisville, you can count on Carolina Dental Arts! Click here to learn more about your treatment options that will ensure a lifetime of dental health!

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