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Correcting your smile is quick and easy, thanks to the clear braces provided by orthodontist. With the help of our 6 Months of Smiles program, you’ll be able to enjoy the straight, attractive smile you’ve always wanted in just a matter of months. We off free orthodontic consultations to customers living throughout the communities of Morrisville, Cary, Durham, Garner, and Apex, North Carolina, so they can find out just how easy it is to straighten your teeth.

Why You Should Choose Our 6 Month Smiles Program

Both children and adults can benefit from our 6 Month Smiles program. These state-of-the-art invisible braces take a much shorter amount of time to straighten teeth when compared to any other method, which is great news for people thinking about getting braces. The general wearing time for these cutting-edge braces is between six and nine months, but under the watchful eye of our orthodontist the amount of time it takes to straighten your teeth can be reduced to as little as four months. No matter how you slice it, however, these clear braces help you straighten your teeth in a significantly shorter amount of time than any other type of braces.

Want even better news? These 6 Month Smiles braces are clear and, therefore, invisible on your teeth. Even the tiny brackets and wires are tooth-colored to help everything seamlessly blend into your mouth. Plus, these braces are easy to wear and drastically reduce the amount of discomfort people usually feel when their teeth are being moved into their correct position. The good news doesn’t stop there; these braces also usually cost much less than other, more cumbersome types of dental braces.

Free Orthodontist Consultation

The Benefits of Braces

When most people think about the benefits of braces the first thing that tends to come into their mind is, of course, getting straight teeth. Straightening your teeth isn’t solely about increasing the beauty of your smile, however. Braces are also capable of helping you correct your bite, which will make it much easier for you to chew and eat food. Braces can also help you with your breathing. Additionally, by straightening your teeth and bite, braces play a part in minimizing changes in the shape of the roof of your mouth as you age.

Advantages of Children’s Braces

From crooked or overlapping teeth to overcrowded teeth and malocclusions, there are a number of reasons why your child might need dental braces. Usually seen as a passage into the teen years, children’s braces are designed to address current and potential dental issues as the permanent teeth begin to come into the mouth. Our orthodontist helps your child enjoy a beautiful smile through a variety of orthodontic services. We also make sure you and your child fully understand how to care for the braces, which includes the best ways to brush, floss, and more.

Adult Braces without the Stigma

While it isn’t uncommon to see children and teenagers with dental braces, some people might feel uncomfortable about receiving braces as an adult. While today’s adult braces aren’t quite as uncommon as those of the past, our orthodontist understands the concerns of self-conscious adults who need braces. We ensure your teeth will be straight with the most minimal discomfort possible. Our clear braces provide an exceptional and affordable solution for adults who have always wanted straight, white, and healthy teeth. These nearly invisible braces correct your dental issues while remaining practically undetectable to anyone else.

Experienced Orthodontist

While you are undergoing the teeth-straightening process, count on our orthodontist to be by your side. Dr. Kyle Roth has been practicing orthodontics in the area for a number of years, and is known for his compassionate and caring nature.
Starting with the initial consultation, you will feel confident and comfortable that with the help of our orthodontist, your dental braces will do the most effective job in the most efficient manner. He will check your teeth throughout the process and speak to you in layman’s terms about your progress. In addition, he is the one to remove your braces when your teeth are straight!


Do you want straight teeth and a healthy smile? Contact us today for information about 6 Month Smiles. We welcome patients throughout the greater Morrisville area, including North Morrisville, Research Triangle Park, Cary, Morrisville, and Knightdale, North Carolina.