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Wisdom teeth are removed to correct an actual problem with your teeth or to prevent future problems with your smile. At Carolina Dental Arts, we can provide you with effective wisdom teeth removal in Morrisville that will effectively address any issues pertaining to your oral health in the future. When your wisdom teeth come in, a number of problems can arise:

 Your jaw may not be large enough for these new teeth, causing them to become impacted as a result.

 Your wisdom teeth may partially break through your gums, causing a flap of gum tissue to form over the teeth. Germs and pieces of food can get trapped under these flaps, causing your gums to become painful, swollen, or red. 

 Impacted teeth can cause infections, damage to other teeth, and damage to your jaw bone.  

 Teeth may come in crooked, with the top of the tooth pointing forward, backward, or to the side.

By providing patients with a thorough oral examination and x-rays, we can evaluate your wisdom teeth in Morrisville to see if you may be in need of removal now or may need these teeth removed in the future. Typically, we evaluate our younger patients during their adolescence to determine when they might need wisdom teeth removal in Morrisville. However, since wisdom teeth are the last teeth to break through the gum, our adult patients also come to us in need of wisdom teeth removal.

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Wisdom teeth extraction in Morrisville depends on the position of teeth and their current stage of development. Before your procedure, Dr. Roth and his staff will walk you through what you can expect during this procedure. A wisdom tooth in Morrisville that is completely through the gum can be extracted much easier than an impacted tooth, which requires a more thorough extraction process.

How Do I Know If I Need Wisdom Teeth Removal in Morrisville?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, talk to our staff about wisdom teeth extraction:
 Crowded teeth  Swollen gum tissue on top of an impacted tooth  Irritation or pain  in your mouth, teeth, or gums

After your wisdom teeth are removed, our staff gives you a detailed post-treatment plan, which will include tips for pain management, how to prevent swelling, and what foods you should eat while recovering. For the best wisdom teeth removal in Morrisville, NC, contact Dr. Roth and the experienced staff at Carolina Dental Arts today!
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